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General Information

We take data protection seriously, and assure you that we will keep all data made accessible to us anonymous, without personally identifying the user of the site. The information we have access to is purely informative. We do not carry out the purposeful saving and evaluation of data on our servers. No personalised user profiles are created by us. Data protection on this page is subject to German and European law to the extent of our influence.

Web page analysis

We use Google Analytics an analysis tool. The data protection policy of Google Analytics is explained in detail here:

Among other things, we detect the date and time of your visit to the site along with the origin and the share of different browsers in the use of our website. These data are illustrated by Google Analytics using diagrams. The data made available to us are used for informational purposes only, and exclusively in order to bring about a general improvement in quality and to optimise and modify the site.


We use so-called "cookies" to improve the way our site works and to make it easier and more pleasant to use. They make it possible for you to save the data on YOUR computer when you call up our site.

Cookies are small text files which facilitate the use of our online offering by enabling us to recognise past users. The cookies we use do not collect or process any personal information, so your private life remains protected. They do not collect your e-mail address or any other characteristics (not even your IP address(es)) which we could use to personally identify you. If, in some other way, we collect, process, or use your personal data with your express permission or due to a statutory exemption, we will not keep this data together with the non-personal data collected using cookies.

You can use your browser settings to completely disable the use of cookies or to ensure that all cookies are deleted from your computer when you close the browser, for example. The exact method for blocking cookies depends on which browser you use. Call up the "Help" function or the relevant menu item in your browser for more information.

If you completely disable cookies, you could also restrict the functional scope of our site and the offerings of other site providers, too.

Further data protection measures you can implement

If you want to protect yourself even further, we recommend browser tools such as "NoScript" if you use Firefox. We also recommend that you adjust the security settings of your browser by completely disabling the use of cookies or - if your browser lets you - activating the private mode surfing for calling our site. For more information, please see the online help in your browser or the information on the website of the browser provider.

General data protection declaration for social media plug-ins (e.g. for Facebook)

Social media plug-ins such as that used by the social network Facebook, 1601 South California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA, are integrated into our pages.

You can recognise these plug-ins by their logos or - in the case of Facebook - the "Like" button within our site. If you click the Facebook "Like" button whilst you are logged onto your Facebook account, you can link the content of our pages to your Facebook profile. This allows Facebook to associate the visit to our site with your user account. If you remain logged on with your Facebook account and visit our pages and others, the plug-in may create a direct connection between your browser and the Facebook server. This provides Facebook with the knowledge that you visited our site with your IP address.

Please note that as the provider of our pages, we do not have any knowledge on the content of the transmitted data or its use by Facebook. For more information, see the Facebook data declaration.

If you do not want Facebook to associate the visit to our pages with your Facebook user account, please log out of your Facebook account.

General data protection and security information from our LEGAL NOTICE

The CLASSEN Group will handle your personal data in a responsible manner, and therefore wishes you to know that your personal data will be collected, processed, used, and passed on in accordance with all valid national and European data protection regulations. The companies in the CLASSEN Group and, if appropriate, sales partners commissioned to process purchase orders will keep your data confidential and will not sell, rent, or make your data available to third parties in any other way other than as part of the execution of a contract concluded with you, e.g. in order to process a purchase order or answer an inquiry, or with your consent.

Except in cases where action needs to be taken in order to execute contracts concluded with the user or respond to inquiries made by the user in accordance with the clauses above, the CLASSEN Group will only save personal data in its customer database, use it for internal advertising purposes within the CLASSEN Group, and pass it on to sales partners with your express consent.  You can give consent by submitting a statement of agreement at all places within our site where personal data is requested.

You can check or revoke your consent at any time by sending us an e-mail or letter.

You can use the data in the "Contact us" section to request information on the products and services of the CLASSEN Group and its companies by post. In order to respond to your requests, we will process and use the personal data you have to specify so that we can send you the materials you need. This data comprises your first and last name, street, town/city, country, postcode, and e-mail address. Other data such as your company, position, and telephone number is voluntary and makes it easier for us to contact you. Any further saving and processing of your personal data in the customer file of the CLASSEN Group will only take place if you give your express consent.

If you have any further data protection questions, please contact us by e-mail: